Rehab. Recover. Rise.

Full body care to help active individuals recover quickly from injury and pain to get you back to doing what you love
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Physical therapy works! If you are tired of jumping from provider to provider, medications, injections, costly imaging, co-pays and exams – And if you are tired of living in pain and not getting answers, then we welcome you to COMPETE Physical Therapy in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. COMPETE Physical Therapy – to get back to doing what you love!

  • Result Driven - Customized care plans for your optimum recovery.
  • Hands-on Techniques  - One-to-one physical therapy techniques recommended by athletes
  • Professional Treatment  - Board-certified orthopaedic specialist in Physical Therapy

Now Offering Courses!


Areas where you perceive pain can be caused by distant sites that may be weak and/or immobile. We complete a full-body bio-mechanical exam called the selective functional movement assessment. A full-body approach to examination and treatment provides you with a simpler, more efficient and more thorough Physical Therapy experience than ever before.

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