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Physical Therapy Services in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota

How Can Our Physical Therapist Help You?

Have you ever received outpatient PT and found that it didn’t work for you?

Very often, areas where we perceive pain can be caused by distant sites that may be weak and/or immobile. What’s needed to determine this is a proper and thorough full-body exam. This full-body approach to examination and treatment is often not completed in a traditional clinic because of insurance and time constraints.

Dr. Sunde’s approach provides you with a simpler, more efficient and more thorough Physical Therapy experience than ever before.

  • Knee Pain and Arthritis
  • Pain with Running
  • Athlete Movement Screens
  • Dry Needling
  • Senior Wellness and Fitness
  • Sports Injuries

Dr. Sunde has over 12 years of experience seeing a vast amount of injuries, joints, and conditions. She is a board-certified orthopaedic specialist and is certified in SFMA (selective functional movement assessment), which is key to properly examine 7 full-body movements to determine whether your pain stems from a mobility problem OR a stability/motor control problem.

The Current Healthcare System

Over her professional career, Dr. Sunde has witnessed a disappointing amount of systemic changes that have affected healthcare for consumers and practitioners alike.

COMPETE Physical Therapy was founded out of pure necessity as modern healthcare and insurance companies have failed us (in some aspects) as patients AND consumers. Over the past several years, in an attempt to make healthcare more efficient, various system improvements like more documentation and insurance regulations have replaced time spent with patients. This time is now spent on unrelated but required administrative and insurance tasks.

Healthcare systems and executives must adapt to these changes that have resulted in larger co-pays, lower reimbursements, limited numbers of visits to specialty providers and rising costs. So, providers and therapists are forced to see more patients than they would before.

The undesired effect from these changes has undoubtedly been burnout and disengagement from provider-patient relationships. The compassionate aspects of care that we need and thrive on, including empathy, collaboration, understanding and listening, have become institutionalized, rushed and confusing.

Not to say there are no longer wonderful doctors or providers who do find time to truly care and connect with their patients. But modern healthcare has made this exceedingly more difficult and exhausting for them.

Physical therapy works! It’s today’s healthcare model that can make it ineffective. So, if you are tired of jumping from provider to provider, tired of medications, tired of injections, tired of costly imaging, co-pays and exams, tired of living in pain, tired of not getting answers. Then try a different route.

COMPETE Physical Therapy in Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota, helps you get back to doing what you love!


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