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Sports Injuries

Mobile Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries 

Injuries are pretty common when you participate in sports, no matter what your level. As you are involved in competitions, training exercises, organized sports, and general fitness activities, there is always a risk of injury.

A lack of conditioning, poor training methods, and inadequate warm-ups are frequent causes of sports injuries.

Recovery from these kinds of sports injuries requires a careful physical therapy assessment and a plan for rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps you as an athlete regain strength and movement in any part of your body after a sports injury. Physical therapy also enables you to manage pain and prevent any permanent damage and recurring issues.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Sports Injuries at COMPETE Physical Therapy in Fargo North Dakota and Moorhead Minnesota

First, your physical therapist completes a thorough examination to determine the underlying factors that contributed to your injury. Based on those findings, a treatment plan is developed. Most treatments include a combination of pain relief techniques, including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, and hands-on therapy. These and additional manual techniques reduce pain and can improve mobility.

In addition, specific exercises reinforce mobility, improve strength and improve mechanics. You will also receive information and education to help reduce the chances of reinjuring yourself.

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