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Running Negatives - Mile after Mile

Hey Runners! If you want to run negatives in your next race, learn to run against fatigue, improve stamina and aerobic fitness for your longer runs then try a progression run.

What is a progression run?

A progression run is a type of speed work that involves starting your run at a comfortable easy pace and then ending the run at a faster pace so that each mile progressively becomes quicker. My example below is a 5k progression run I did last week. The goal with such a run is not ONLY to run faster but to think of splitting your run into thirds or three sections. The beginning should be a slow pace, the middle a medium comfortable pace and the end, a faster pace. The final third should be your race pace. If you are attempting progression runs for a half or full-marathon distance, then your final third would be your race pace.

Lizette's 5K progression run

How to complete a progressive run safely: Always select a distance you are already used to and have an established comfort with (if you've only run 5 miles, maybe don't jump to a 10-mile run). Don't forget to warm up! Dynamic Warm-ups can prepare your nerves, muscles and heart and reduce your chance of injury. Check out our dynamic warm-up HERE!